Identity, website and digital book design for a Melbourne group exhibition, Uneducated.

The website allows the viewer to play with content generated by the exhibiting artists and with the exhibition documentation.

Website design and programming in collaboration with Uriah Gray.
"Evan" typeface by Nell May.


Uneduated presents artworks and projects that are sociological and educational in nature, representing varying vantage points of ‘knowledge’ or ‘education’ as either active or passive experiences in learning.

Exhibition curated by Kym Maxwell

Exhibiting artists:
Dan Arps, Simon and Tom Bloor (UK), Lane Cormick, DAMP, Emily Floyd, Nathan Gray, Dr Peter Hill, Annabelle Kingston, Anastasia Klose, Annette Krauss (NL), Kym Maxwell, Elizabeth Newman, Sean Peoples, Room 13 (with Robert Fairley UK), Nick Selenitsch, Antonia Sellbach, Peter Tyndall.